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ARCADE (아케이드/Akeideu) is a Youtube series featuring by IZ*ONE. A teaser was uploaded on May 1st 2019 on the official IZ*ONE channel on YouTube. A week later, on May 8, 2019, the first episode was uploaded and the last episode was uploaded on September 11, 2019.

The series has English and Japanese subtitles.

A new episode was always uploaded every 2 weeks, at ??? hours.

About the seriesEdit

The series is about mini-games and competitions between members.

There are two types of competitions: individual (only in the first and second episodes) or group.

The games are by rounds and the winner goes on to the next one. In the event of a tie, two members play a "Syllable word game" to choose who goes on to the next round or wins the Mini Game.

Episode 1Edit

Mini game: the members have two plates each, one empty and one full of peas, they have to use chopsticks to move them from one plate to the other, and the girl who accumulates the most peas will be the winner of the round.

The "chopsticks" they use are chosen at random by them. (Normal chopsticks, pens, sherbet, etc.)


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