Tsukihibiki Tsukihibiki 8 December 2020

Panorama IZ Now Showing!

Hello everyone!

IZ*ONE finally dropped One-reeler / Act IV yesterday! Being honest, I can't stop streaming because of how good the songs are in this album, it's all heavenly.

Now to the real question, which do you think is the best track from the album? Excluding Panorama which is honestly an eye-bawling anthem of the year, (yes I cried because of the lyrics) the whole album is really up against BLOOM*IZ. Every track is very soothing to listen to. Mise-en-Scène is a good intro which warms up ourselves to what the album has in store. Then comes Panorama, a tribute to the previous title tracks from La Vie en Rose to Secret Story of the Swan. As I said, a tear-jerking anthem as the lyrics really catches my eye, especially Eunbi's "I fly over the s…

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Milago choi Milago choi 27 September 2020

I'm back! Short blog post

Hello, it's me, Milago Choi!

I'm back from my so called short "break". I took a break on the 13th of September (2020 if you want the EXACT date), because i just lost control of everything. Too much SNS photos, bad quality, unofficial SNS that had too be deleted, and they even started a Vlive! It was just stressing you know.

If you are somebody that witnessed me saying to XAgustinx "I'm taking a break", you must be surprised that i'm moving on from this so called Break. Don't worry, me too buddy. Me too.

Just to say that i'm now going to be officially editing on the wiki back again! If you want more of those blogs, i usually do them on PURPLE K!SS Wiki.


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Tsukihibiki Tsukihibiki 3 June 2020

Oneiric in IZ*LAND〜

Hi! It’s Hibiki! Have you checked out IZ*ONE’s new trailer for the upcoming comeback? Because I sure did! I cry every time I listen to the track, the problem is that I keep rewinding it, lol. I’m hoping it’ll be the intro track for the album!

I’ve also preordered my copies of the album. I bought the Fantasy, Diary and 3D version! Don’t get me wrong, the shop that I ordered it from is currently having a sale, and I have a free shipping voucher, nice shot, double kill, multi kill!

Ahh, I’m really anticipating this comeback, I did a cover of the trailer! You can check it out here!

That’s all I have for today! Signing out.

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Tsukihibiki Tsukihibiki 9 May 2020

Stop Scrolling and Don’t Sleep on IZ*ONE’s B-Sides

Alright, I have no intention if attacking anyone based on the title, so don’t worry! xD Anyways, I, even I can’t believe, had just finished recording a cover! Ahhh, you know that feeling when you’re really reluctant but like, I WANT to do it too? So, I made a vocal cover of Suki to Iwasetai’s coupling, Dance wo Omoidasu Made! This is the first time I’ve ever mixed audio with a software, so I tried a little something in it (if you find what it is, do hit me up!), so the audio is probably not the best quality. Enough babbling, here’s the link to it: Dance wo Omoidasu Made

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Tsukihibiki Tsukihibiki 18 March 2020

Buenos Aires (English Sing-a-long)

Like I said on my last blog post (which was ANCIENT), I’ll share an English version of the song with the highest vote, which was Buenos Aires! Here it is:

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Tsukihibiki Tsukihibiki 1 November 2019


Heyaa!!! Hibiki here~

It's my first blog post and I'd like to share my projects related to of course, IZ*ONE!! I'm making English covers (just the lyrics xD) of IZ*ONE songs~ I wonder if y'all wouldlike to see it? If yes, then which song would you like to be first:

The most voted song will be put up on my next blog post! Thank you!

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