Eyes On Me: The Movie

Eyes On Me: The Movie is a documentary movie of IZ*ONE’s 1st Asia concert tour of the same name.



[1]Thanks to WIZ*ONE, this is the moment of HIGHLIGHT![2]

Around the time of their debut in October 2018, IZ*ONE, a dominant group with 12 members, made an appearance, breaking records every day, including domestic and overseas music and music charts, winning first place in music shows, and winning rookie awards!

From behind the unforgettable concert event with IZ*ONE and WIZ*ONE, concert VCR field making, unit new song recording, new song choreography practice, on-site rehearsal scene, etc. .

A movie that will be a special memory and gift for WIZ*ONE, Eyes on Me: The Movie, is coming!


위즈원 덕분에 이 순간이 HIGHLIGHT!

2018년 10월, 데뷔와 동시에 국내외 음원 및 음반차트 석권, 음악방송 1위, 신인상 수상 등 연일 기록을 경신하며 대세 그룹으로 자리잡은 아이즈원(IZ*ONE), 12명의 소녀들이 스크린에 등장!

아이즈원(IZ*ONE)과 위즈원(WIZ*ONE)이 함께한 잊을 수 없는 콘서트 현장부터 콘서트 VCR 현장 메이킹, 유닛 신곡 녹음현장, 신곡 안무연습, 현장 리허설 장면 등 다양한 비하인드도 이번 영화를 통해 공개 된다.

위즈원(WIZ*ONE)에게 특별한 추억과 선물이 될 영화, <아이즈 온 미 : 더 무비>가 온다!


The movie was first announced to be released in theatres on November 15, 2019, but is postponed indefinitely due to the Produce series manipulation scandal.

On May 15, 2020, via the official fancafe, it is announced that the movie will be officially released on theatres on June 10, 2020. Only in Korea. [3]


On October 23 they released the DVD, Blu-ray and Kit.

The DVD includes Outbox, Digipack, 3 Discs (Disc 1: 112 Mins/Disc 2: 51 Mins/Disc 3: 90 Mins), Photobook (Live, Backstage, Rehersal Photo) 1 Paper frame and 12 Postcards, 1 Random Photocard, and Poster.

The Blu-ray includes Outbox, Digipack, 2 Discs ( Disc 1: 112 Mins/ Disc 2: 141 Mins) Photobook (VCR Making Photo), 1 Random Lenticular Photocard, Mini Poster Set (12) and Poster.

The Kit includes Outbox, Kit Video (253 Mins), 1 Random Photo Projection Keyring, Photocard set (12), Polaroid Set (12), 1 Mini Velvet Pouch and Poster.

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  1. Movie Admission Committee
  2. Twitter:@staff_izone The quote “This moment is the highlight of IZ*ONE” was used on the second day of the concert.
  3. Twitter: @staff_izone


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