Gamer Alliance (Also called The Gamers) is a unit between Sakura, Hyewon and Yena.


The three members play video games, even Sakura has her own Youtube channel [1] where she uploads Gameplays. [2]


Name Birth Date Position (IZ*ONE) Final Rank Label Color
Miyawaki Sakura March 19th, 1998 Vocalist, Visual 2 HKT48 Pastel Pink
Kang Hye Won July 5th, 1999 Rapper, Vocalist, Visual 8 8D Creative Coral
Choi Ye Na September 29th, 1999 Main Rapper, Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer 4 Yuehua Entertainment Yellow


  1. Youtube: ちゃんねる宮脇咲良 (The channel is currently inactive)
  2. IZ*ONE CHU EP.7


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