HEART*IZ is the second mini album by Japanese-Korean girlgroup IZ*ONE, released April 1st 2019.


  1. Hey. Bae. Like It. (해바라기, Haebalagi, Sunflower)
  2. Violeta (비올레타, Biolleta)
  3. Highlight
  4. Really Like You
  5. Airplane
  6. Up (하늘 위로, Haneul Wiro)
  7. Goyang Iga Doego Sipeo (고양이가 되고 싶어, I Want to be a Cat)
  8. Gibun Joheun Annyeong (기분 좋은 안녕, Happy Farewell)

Physical Album Edit

The physical album was released alongside the digital release on April 1st, 2019 and is distributed by Genie Music. The CD is available in 2 color versions, a Violeta (mint) version and a Sapphire (blue) version.

Each album comes with a random clear sleeve and a corresponding member photo book, featuring one of the 12 members or the full group, totaling 26 possible sleeves which are randomly selected (13 possible sleeves for each color version).

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Example of HEART*IZ album contents

The album also contains 2 randomly selected member photocards, 2 Violeta ver. and 2 Sapphire ver. photocards per member.


HEART*IZ photocards

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