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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:If IZ*ONE is a temporary group, what will happen to this wiki once the group disbands?
  • A:This wiki will continue functioning following the careers of the members of IZ*ONE, which will most likely be including pages concerning their careers after debuting under their own companies.
  • Q:What's with the wiki theme?
  • A:We try to separate IZ*ONE from Produce 48, just like how Fromis_9 isn't Idol School and TWICE isn't SIXTEEN. Therefore, instead of using the official IZ*ONE colors (which are the same colors for Produce 48 and I.O.I) we base the wiki's theme surrounding their current comeback.
  • Q:Shouldn't the wiki also focus on Produce 48 and not just IZ*ONE?
  • A:There is an AMAZING wiki (https://produce-101.fandom.com) that covers everything on Produce 48 in great detail, and therefore recommend going there if you wish to learn more about the show. But we plan to focus solely on the members of IZ*ONE and their music.

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Official Colors

Name HEX Code Color Example
Eunbi #BBB0DC
Sakura #F1D2E7
Hyewon #DB706C
Yena #FCF695
Chaeyeon #A6DCDE
Chaewon #CEE5D5
Nako #B7D3E9
Hitomi #F1C3AA
Yuri #F3AA51
Yujin #567ACE
Wonyoung #D9598C