IZ*ONE remember Z is an Japanese RPG mobile game, featuring IZ*ONE as the main characters.


“Hey... Do you remember the promise from that day?”

It’s the year 2021, you are heading towards your graduation ceremony. On the road where cherry blossoms fall, you’re suddenly reminded of your high school days.

“Are you really going to quit?”

2 years ago, You were IZ*ONE’s manager. Transferred schools and left the members.

But the girls’ smiles and tears, And the unrealised promise... has not been forgotten till now.

You could’ve had any regrets— while thinking of that...

Ka kwang—!!!

You were caught up in an accident!?

And, what you see when you open your eyes That day, that classroom, that stage.... and the unchanging IZ*ONE ......... It’s a timeslip, back to 2019!!

Looking back to the promise made on that day, This time, you’ll proceed being a producer as your boal.

This of which started in a twist of fate, Creating the best stage as your goal, the story of IZ*ONE and you.

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