• Minju has a younger sister and an older brother.
  • Her stage name was Carrie when she was a child model.
  • One of her role models is Lee Hyori, and she managed to interview her when Lee Hyori was a member of SSAK3.
  • She actually has naturally curly hair, to the point that she has to straighten her hair with straightening iron every morning.
  • She is the most flexible member in the group, as she can bend her knees backwards without pain.
  • She was born as a an early-01'er, but entered school at the same time as other 01 Line members.
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    One of her male cousins is a national volleyball player, but Minju isn't athletic except for her flexibility.
  • She was a child actress for “The Great Seducer”.
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  • Her nicknames are “Minmin” (given by Kriesha Chu) and “Pepe” (green frog in Korean).
  • She attends SOPA (Seoul School of Performing Arts).
  • She enjoys walking, photography, and watching sitcoms.
  • She is a Harry Potter fan. (vLive with Kriesha Chu)
    • She also likes roller coasters and amusement park rides. (vLive with Kriesha Chu)
  • When she was in middle school she wanted to become a stewardess.
  • Her specialties are playing the guitar and imitating faces (mostly animals).
  • She played on a solo piano intro for Yume wo Miteiru Aida in 2019.
  • Minju is good at speaking English. (Kriesha Chu’s vlive )
  • Minju loves gummy bears. (Kriesha Chu’s vlive )
  • She is good at cooking. (Kriesha Chu’s vlive )
    • Despite this, some of her foods aren't aesthetically pleasing. (IZ*One Arcade II ep 2)
  • Minju’s favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate.
  • She is the only person (compared to Woolimz and Yujin) who prefers to break the instant noodle cake up (IZ*One Chu 2) before boiling them.
  • Originally, Minju lacked confidence in the beginning of Produce48 and was scolded for it often. Around mid-season she gained what she didn’t have. Many people were blown away.
  • Minju is the best friend of the soloist Kriehsa Chu.
  • She was featured in Kriesha Chu’s “Like Paradise” MV and iKon‘s “#WYD” MV.
  • She was featured in Kriesha Chu’s song “Falling Star”.
  • Minju appeared in a web drama called “Immortal Goddess”.
  • Minju got exposed by Annyeongz that she tends to start with paper most of the time in Rock-Paper-Scissors.
  • She becomes extremely tongue-tied when interviewing seniors like JYP and Ssak3.
  • She cries easily compared to other members.
  • She acted in a movie called “The Fault Is Not Yours”, as a supporting role.
  • Minju made a cameo in ATEEN season 2.
  • Minju has be the host of Music Core since June 2020.
    • On the episode aired March 27, 2021 , she co-hosted with Kang Mina, the host she initially replaced.
  • According to Fantastic IZ, if Minju was to act again, she wants to be casted as the following roles:
    • Prosecutor
    • Rich housewife
    • Grandmother
    • High school bully
    • Air hostess
    • Doctor
    • Barrister
    • Barista
    • Ballerina
    • Patient/Disabled person
    • Hacker
    • President
    • No.1 in high school
    • Unemployed graduate
    • Part-timer
    • Female soldier
    • Journalist/reporter/News anchor
    • Photographer
  • She doesn't want to be casted in these roles:
    • Teacher/mentor
    • Athlete
    • Part time worker
    • Ballerina
    • Killer
    • Hitman/Sniper
    • Gang Boss
  • According to Fantastic IZ, she loves taking close-up pictures of food