Oneiric Diary

“Oneiric Diary” (幻想日記) is the third mini album by IZ*ONE. It was released on June 15, 2020. It features 8 official tracks and the lead single Secret Story of the Swan. It is the first release outside of the Flower Trilogy.

Official Description

“My diary becomes a fairy tale with your magic” IZ*ONE’s 3rd mini album, Oneiric Diary, is a concept album that portrays both “elegant charisma” and “girl next door image” of IZ*ONE members, expressed through a combination of two opposing themes of “fantasy” and “diary”.

It tells a story of how the fairy-tale-like diary entries written by 12 year old girls come true through magical power. The songs in the album, which are unique in their own ways, are unified under the common theme of “oneiric diary” and form an integrated whole.

“I dance for you, I dream with you” The title song “Secret Story of the Swan” is a cinematic EDM which expresses the multifaceted beauty of the 12 IZ*ONE members. It shows IZ*ONE as heroines in the fairy tale they have held dear to their hearts.

The song also delivers an encouraging message that all dreams can come true. It’s a track like a movie that showcases unparalleled performances and charm that are unique to IZ*ONE.

“You’re so pretty just the way you are!” “Pretty” is a cute and bright dance song that sends a message to those who have a dream. In “Merry-Go-Round”, a merry-go-round is used as a metaphor for the beautiful moments in a dream that one does not wish to end. “Rococo” is a song that expresses IZ*ONE’s intention to create a dream-like new world. Finally, “With*One” is a fan song with lyrics written by all IZ*ONE members who wanted to show their desire to comfort the fans who were going through hard times and be by their side.

With diverse genres and lyrics, [Oneiric Diary] contains IZ*ONE’s unique set of diverse characteristics and communicates their support for everyone’s dreams throughout the album with the message that dreams do come true.

“나의 일기 속에 너의 마법이 채워져 동화가 돼” 아이즈원 3rd 미니앨범 [Oneiric Diary (환상일기 幻想日記)]는 ‘우아한 카리스마'와 '일상의 소녀'라는 이미지를 모두 지닌 아이즈원 멤버들의 모습을 '환상'과 '일기'라는 상반된 소재의 결합으로 표현한 컨셉앨범이다.

12명의 소녀들이 평소 꿈꿔왔던 환상적이고 동화 같은 상상들이 적힌 일기장, 그 평범한 일기장에 마법 같은 힘이 더해지면 상상은 현실이 된다는 이야기를 담았다. ‘환상 일기’라는 하나의 테마로 모여진 곡들은 각각이 지닌 다양한 매력과 앨범 전체로서 한 곡과 같은 구성을 동시에 지니고 있다.

"춤을 춰 너를 위해, 꿈을 꿔 너와 함께" 타이틀곡 ‘환상동화(Secret Story of the Swan)’는 아이즈원 12명의 다채로운 아름다움을 표현한 시네마틱 EDM 댄스곡으로, 마법 같은 힘을 통해 마음속 깊이 간직했던 꿈이 현실이 돼 동화 속 주인공이 된 아이즈원을 표현하였다.

그리고 함께 꿈을 꾼다면 누구나 동화 속 주인공이 될 수 있다는 이야기를 노래함으로써 듣는 이들에게 응원의 메시지를 전달하고자 한다. 오직 아이즈원만이 표현할 수 있는 압도적 퍼포먼스와 다양한 매력들이 영화처럼 펼쳐지는 트랙이다.

"있는 그대로, 그것만으로 You're so pretty!" 밝고 상큼한 느낌의 댄스곡으로 함께 꿈꾸는 모든 이들에게 긍정의 메세지를 보내는 ‘Pretty', 깨어나고 싶지 않은 꿈속 아름다운 순간들을 영원히 돌아가는 회전목마에 비유한 ‘회전목마(Merry-Go-Round)’, 아이즈원만의 꿈같은 새로운 세계를 만들어 이끌어나가겠단 의지를 담은 ‘Rococo’, 팬들의 힘들었던 시간들을 위로하며 항상 옆에서 지켜주고 싶다는 마음을 담아 아이즈원 멤버 모두가 작사에 참여한 팬송 ‘With*One’까지. ​

[Oneiric Diary (환상일기 幻想日記)] 앨범 속 다양한 장르의 음악과 가사를 통해 팬들과 함께 성장한 아이즈원만의 다양한 정체성을 담았고, 함께 꿈꾸면 그 꿈은 현실이 된다는 메시지를 앨범 곳곳에 담아 모두의 꿈을 응원하였다.

「私の日記の中、あなたの魔法がかかって童話になる」 IZ*ONEの3rdミニアルバム「Oneiric Diary (幻想日記)」は、‘優雅なカリスマ’と‘日常の少女’というイメージを持っているIZ*ONEメンバーの姿を、‘幻想’と‘日記’という相対的な素材を合わせる事で表現したコンセプトアルバムである。


「舞い踊るわあなたの為に」 タイトル曲‘幻想童話(Secret Story of the Swan)’はIZ*ONE12人の多彩な美しさを表現したシネマチックEDMダンス曲である。


「そのままでも、それだけでもYou’re so pretty!」 明るく、爽快なダンス曲であり、共に夢見る全ての人々にポジティブなメッセージを送る‘Pretty’、覚めたくない夢の中の美しい瞬間を、永遠に回るメリーゴーランドに比喩した‘Merry-Go-Round’,IZ*ONEの夢の様な新しい世界を築き、導くという意思を込めた‘Rococo’,ファンの辛かった時間を慰め、いつも側で守ってあげたいという気持ちを込めてIZ*ONEメンバー全員が作詞で参加したファンソング‘With*One’まで、

「Oneiric Diary (幻想日記)」アルバムの中の様々なジャンルの音楽と歌詞を通じてファンと共に成長したIZ*ONEの様々なアイデンティティを含んでおり、共に夢見るとその夢は現実になるというメッセージをアルバムの多くの場面に盛り込み、みんなの夢を応援しました。


  1. Welcome
  2. Secret Story of the Swan (환상동화)
  3. Pretty
  4. Merry-Go-Round (회전목마)
  5. Rococo
  6. With*One
  7. Secret Story of the Swan (幻想童話)
  8. Merry-Go-Round (Japanese Ver.)

Background and Release

On May 19, 2020 IZ*ONE's management announced that they were working on an upcoming comeback for their third mini album. It was revealed they were almost done with production and were to release a quality comeback.[1] Teasers for the comeback were released June 3-6, along wth diary teasers in the members official colors.[2]

Commercial Performance

On June 15, 8PM, 2 hours after release their title track "Secret Story of the Swan" topped the charts at No.1 on various music sources such as MelOn, Genie, Bugs, and Soribada.[3] IZ*ONE then broke their own record on the Hanteo chart by selling 389,334 copies in the first week of release. After the release of "BLOOM*IZ" with 356,313 copies in the first week.[4] In Japan Tower Records IZ*ONE Is the most Pre-Orders Sells #1 -ONEIRIC DIARY (Diary Ver.), #2 - ONEIRIC DIARY (Oneiric Ver.), #3 - ONEIRIC DIARY (3D Ver.). and also #7 in 2020 First Half Chart K-POP Import Album TOP10. 'Secret Story of the Swan' is the fastest song by a Girl Group to surpassed 10,000 hearts on MelOn 2020! (9 Minutes). 'Secret Story of the Swan' is the fastest Girl Group song to surpassed 15,000 hearts on Melon in 2020! (35 minutes). IZ*ONE is the only Girl Group to have 2 title tracks debuted on top 3 on MelOn 2020! (Fiesta & Secret Story of the Swan). IZ*ONE is the only Girl Group to have 2 korean album to have 100,000 sales on Hanteo on it's 1st day! IZ*ONE is the only Girl Group to have 2 songs in 2020 that reached #1 on MelOn! IZ*ONE is the only 4th Generation Group to have 2 songs to reach #1 on MelOn.

Secret Story of the Swan is the first Girl Group Japanese song to enter the Korean real time chart. IZ*ONE ‘Secret Story of the Swan (Japanese Ver.)’ is the first J-Pop song by a girlgroup to enter a Korean chart realtime top 10 (Bugs). 'Oneiric Diary' has entered top5 on iTunes US. 'Oneiric Diary' reached 17 #1s on iTunes! . 'Oneiric Diary' got #1 on iTunes Worldwide! 1st day sales on Hanteo is 152,635 copies making it the 3rd highest 1st day sales by a girl group. reached #1 on MelOn real time chart for #21 hours. IZ*ONE is the only girl group to have 2 albums to have 10,000 hearts on all of their tracks in 2020 (Oneiric Diary & BLOOM*IZ) . 'Oneiric Diary' has surpassed 300,000 sales on Hanteo in just 3rd making it the fastest Girl group album to do so (in just 4 days). IZ*ONE is the only Girl Group to have 2 albums with 300,000 sales on Hanteo! (BLOOM*IZ & Oneiric Diary). IZ*ONE is the fastest Girlgroup to reached 1M sales on Hanteo! 'Oneiric Diary' has surpassed 400,000 copies sold on Hanteo. It's the fastest girl group album to do so (9 days). 'Oneiric Diary' breaks the highest record of Girl Group albums on Hanteo! 'Oneiric Diary' ranked #8 on CDTV japan. 'Secret Story of the Swan' got perfect all kill on Korean Music Shows. IZ*ONE became the best selling GG on Gaon 2020 with 1,000,000 sales (Oneiric Diary & BLOOM*IZ)

All 'Oneiric Diary' tracks entered the Gaon Download Charts. IZ*ONE is the only Girl group to have 2 album (all tracks) to enter the Gaon Download Charts (Oneiric Diary & BLOOM*IZ), 'Oneiric Diary' debuted #1 on United World Album charts. 'Oneiric Diary' earned 537,820 copies in mid-year charts. IZ*ONE is the only 4th Generation album to have all their albums certified on Gaon! (IZ Trilogy and Oneiric Diary) 'Oneiric Diary' is one of the first ever girl group to surpassed 500,000 sales on Gaon together with TWICE. IZ*ONE is the only Girlgroup to have 2 album to surpassed 400,000 sales on Gaon Charts in 2020!(Oneiric Diary & BLOOM*IZ). 'Oneiric Diary' is one of the first Girl Group album to have 2x platinum album certification on Gaon together with TWICE. 'Oneiric Diary' surpasses 20,000,000 streams on Spotify!

'Secret Story of the Swan' surpassed 100,000,000 digital points on Gaon making all IZ*ONE title track to surpassed this mark. 'Secret Story of the Swan' is the 3rd 4th Generation Group 2020 song with the higest digital points on Gaon. 'Secret Story of the Swan' surpassed 60,000 hearts on MelOn. ALL 'Oneiric Diary' tracks entered top 10 on QQ Music Weekly K-pop. 'Oneiric Diary' is the 7th Best Selling album on GAON 2020. Secret Story of the Swan has surpassed 10 weeks on Gaon Digital Chart! It's the 4th IZ*ONE track to do so!


IZ*ONE made their comeback stage on Music Bank and other various stages. The group grabbed their 1st win on The Show with "Secret Story of the Swan" against N.Flying's "Oh Really" and Weki Meki's "Oopsy" with a score of 9,030.[5] The group grabbed more wins on Show Champion, Music Bank and Inkigayo with a total of 7 wins.[6]



No. Song Duration Audio
01 Welcome 1:25
02 Secret Story of the Swan 3:12
03 Pretty 3:19
04 Merry-Go-Round 3:00
05 Rococo 3:13
06 With*One 3:39
07 Secret Story of the Swan
(Japanese Ver.)
08 Merry-Go-Round
(Japanese Ver.)

Physical Album

The physical copies of the album will be released officially on June 15, 2020, following the reveal of the music video of the title track. There are four main versions of the album, which are the Oneiric and Diary version, a 3D version and a kihno kit.


Oneiric Diary Latest Preview.jpg
3D Version
Oneiric Diary 3D Version Preview.png
Kihno Kit
Oneiric Diary Kihno Preview.png



IZ*ONE (아이즈원) Oneiric Diary (幻想日記) Album Trailer


IZ*ONE (아이즈원) 3rd Mini Album Oneiric Diary (幻想日記) HIGHLIGHT MEDLEY


IZ*ONE (아이즈원) 3rd Mini Album Oneiric Diary (幻想日記) Jacket Making Film


  • Directed by: Kim Zi Yong (FantazyLab)
  • Sung by: IZ*ONE
  • Distributed by: Genie Music and Stone Music Entertainemtn
  • Produced by: Off the Record and Swing Entertainment



  • This is the first release after the end of the Flower Trilogy, where the title is also not in the 5-letter-word*IZ format.
  • Oneiric means related to dreams or dreaming, derived from the greek word oneiros which means dreams.
  • The album’s title can also be written as “幻想日記” (Gensō Nikki), which means Oneiric Diary in Japanese.
  • From May 29th onwards, the members appear in IZ*ONE’s official Instagram story at 6:15 pm, which will be the release date of the album, and gives a spoiler.
  • This is the first album in which a Japanese version of the title track is also included. This may be to make up the long gap between IZ*ONE’s last Japanese release, which was Vampire that was released in September 25, 2019.



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