SaNakHi ()” (Sakura, Nako, Hitomi) also known as “Japanese Line” or “J-Line” is a friendship pairing or unofficial sub-unit of IZ*ONE. It is made up of the members Sakura, Hitomi and Nako, or the japanese members.


SaNaKi comes the first syllabus of each member's name following the final Produce 48 rankings. "Sa" from Sakura, "Na" from Nako and "Ki" from Hitomi. Hitomi's syllabus is pronounced as "Ki" due to the grammar rule in both Japanese and Korean.

General Info

Both girls were originally in the Japanese group AKB48 and HKT48 put in the reality show Produce 48. At the end of Episode 11 when they were ranked by national producers. When the ranks came, Sakura ranked 2nd place, Nako ranked in 6th, and Hitomi in 9th.

In 2020, they were roommates in Yeosu Artland Serviced Apartments in Eat-Ing Trip season 2.

Other Names

  • J-Line
  • Japanese Line
  • Japan Trio


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Name Birth Date Position Final Rank Label Color
Miyawaki Sakura March 19th, 1998 Vocalist, Visual 2 Vernablossom Pastel Pink
Yabuki Nako June 18, 2001 Vocalist 6 Vernablossom Sky Blue
Honda Hitomi October 6th, 2001 Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper 9 Vernablossom Peach



  • All three are petrified of heights
  • All three have verified personal Twitter and Instagram accounts before Korean members.
  • All three prefer sukiyaki over shabu shabu, two different types of hot pots, but for most other things, they never agree.
  • All three live in the same dorm as Chaeyeon, Wonyoung and Yuri
  • They don't tend to say "I Love You" to their family members, let alone their fellow members, because their family would think they are weird, or something terrible has happened.
  • All three prefers tea over coffee
  • All three are better at writing in English than speaking
  • They never experienced school cafeteria food, as most public Japanese schools don't have school cafeteria. They also never stayed at school for self study.
  • As of 2021, all three had dyed their hair to pink and purple colors.


  • Both Sakura and Hitomi can speak Japanese in a different accent. Nako cannot as she is from Tokyo. However: Nako can speak in Busan accent for a bit after becoming roommates with Yuri.
  • Although all three live in the same dorm, only Hitomi has her own room.
  • Only Hitomi wants to get a driver's license. Sakura doesn't because it's quite pointless to her.
  • In 2021, only Hitomi has sat her Korean Proficiency test. She got Level 5 out of 6. It is unknown if Sakura and Nako had taken it.
  • Only Sakura is an anime fan. Nako and Hitomi don't even know of any Disney princesses.
  • Only Hitomi is possibly lactose-intolerant, and prefers water over tea, and Nako said that she has never seen her eat ice cream.
  • Sakura and Nako are prone to mosquito bites, Hitomi isn't.
  • Sakura is the most introverted member, while Hitomi is comparatively the most extraverted.
  • During their isolation period after returning to Japan, however, only Nako was comforatable staying at home for the isolation period, even Sakura wasn't.
  • All three prefers tea over coffee, but only Sakura can't stand black coffee. Hitomi can't have sweet coffee.
  • All three are pet owners, but they have different pets. Nako has a parakeet, Sakura has a cat, and Hitomi has a dog.
  • Sakura and Nako sit on the back row of the van, Hitomi doesn't.
  • Hitomi and Nako are early-risers, Sakura isn't.
  • Sakura hasn't been to karaoke since middle school.
  • Sakura and Nako are a part of HKT48, while Hitomi is a part of AKB48.
  • Only Nako has no idea about her blood type, as she is petrified of needles. Sakura and Hitomi are both type A.
  • Only Nako likes mint chocolate flavored ice cream.
  • Only Nako isn't scared of birds, as she has a parakeet as a pet.
  • Only Nako believes in the existence of UFOs and aliens. Sakura doesn't, and Hitomi is sceptical.
  • Only Sakura is bad at sports and making paper planes, and was born in the 20th century.
  • Nako and Hitomi are the biggest fans of Twice. While Sakura also admires the group, her favorite K-Pop groups are Red Velvet and Oh My Girl.
  • Nako and Hitomi are both good at dancing and tumbling, while Sakura is a better gamer.
  • Only Sakura is a keen gamers, Nako and Hitomi aren't as much.
  • Despite being the same age, Nako and Hitomi still speaks in honorific language to each other most of the time due to Nako debuting at an earlier age as a child actress.
  • Due to Hitomi's poor gut health, Hitomi doesn't like soft drinks as much as Sakura and Nako. That said: Sakura and Nako still prefer tea over soda water.
  • Despite her poor gut health, she can handle spicy food as well, if not better, than Chaewon. Sakura cannot handle spicy foods too well.
  • Sakura really doesn't like drinking water and bread. Hitomi loves both.
  • Sakura and Nako are 2/3 of Wifi line with Wonyoung, Hitomi isn't.
  • Only Nako is receptive to Eunbi's pun jokes. Sakura and Hitomi aren't.
  • Only Sakura isn't in Pilates Line with Eunbi and Wonyoung.
  • In Eat-ing Trip 3, only Hitomi didn't sit in the car driven by Yena, despite Sakura's previous reservations about Yena's driving.
  • After IZ*One disbanded, only Sakura announced her graduation from HKT48, and became the first member to return to Korea in August 2021.



"Shabu Shabu is Shabu Shabu, Sukiyaki is Sukiyaki" - When they failed to explain the difference to Chaeyeon.