Even since pre-debut era, IZ*ONE has been actively appearing on television shows either as guests or the main cast.

Reality ShowsEdit

Date Type Episode
October 12TeaserIZ*ONE CHU Teaser
October 13CountdownIZ*ONE CHU [Countdown/Chaeyeon] ♡D-12♡ ′IZ*ONE's Mother Bird Jjaeyon′ Ep.0
October 14CountdownIZ*ONE CHU [Countdown/Minju] ♡D-11♡ 'Minju Who Became A Baby Elephant' Ep.0
October 15CountdownIZ*ONE CHU [Countdown/Chaewon] ♡D-10♡ 'Chaewon Loves Macarons' Ep.0
October 16CountdownIZ*ONE CHU [Countdown/Hitomi] ♡D-9♡ 'Hitomi's Stress (?)' Ep.0
October 17CountdownIZ*ONE CHU [Countdown/Hyewon] ♡D-8♡ 'Hyewon's 2 Dogs (?)' Ep. 0
October 18CountdownIZ*ONE CHU [Countdown/Eunbi] ♡D-7♡ 'IZ*ONE's Troubleshooter Eunbi' Ep.0
October 19CountdownIZ*ONE CHU [Countdown/Nako] ♡D-6♡ 'Na Bukhee's Korean Classroom' Ep.0
October 19SpoilerIZ*ONE 'COLOR*IZ' SHOW-CON SPOILER #Rumor
October 20CountdownIZ*ONE CHU [Countdown/Yujin] ♡D-5♡ 'Yujinie's Double Life(?)' Ep.0
October 21CountdownIZ*ONE CHU [Countdown/Yena] ♡D-4♡ 'Yena, Dad's Daughter' Ep.0
October 22CountdownIZ*ONE CHU [Countdown/Yuri] ♡D-3♡ 'This District's Scaredy-Cat Yuri'


October 22TeaserIZ*ONE CHU IZ*ONE's First Ever Reality In Their Lifetime, IZ*ONE Chu Is Coming!
October 23CountdownIZ*ONE CHU [Countdown/Sakura] ♡D-2♡ 'Game Maniac Sakura' Ep.0
October 23TeaserIZ*ONE CHU IZ*ONE's Debut Preparation Process
October 24CountdownIZ*ONE CHU [Countdown/Wonyoung] ♡D-1♡ 'Wonyoung Is A Magician (ft. Yuri)' Ep.0
October 24TeaserIZ*ONE CHU [Ep.1 Teaser] 'Waiting For A Film Festival Invitation'
October 25HighlightIZ*ONE CHU [Ep.1] 'A New Start Of 12 Girls' Please Look Forward To IZ*ONE's Future
October 25HighlightIZ*ONE CHU [Ep.1] "It's Just That!" Exposure To Life Without Compassion
October 25HighlightIZ*ONE CHU [Ep.1] 'Purity 100%' Living in our house ★Initial release★
October 25HighlightIZ*ONE CHU [Ep.1] 'Piggy' No, 'I Am' Right! (feat. Kkura Mokbang)
October 25HighlightIZ*ONE CHU [Ep.1] 'I Am Excited' Beagle Power Of The First MT
October 25HighlightIZ*ONE CHU [Ep.1] 'IZ*ONE TMI' Haiyana's Jacket Scene Rappa
October 25HighlightIZ*ONE CHU [Ep.1] 2018 IZ*ONE Girl Crush Test (feat. Cheetah Teacher)
October 25HighlightIZ*ONE CHU [Ep.1] Meeting With Tochigi No.1 Emo Fan!
October 25HighlightIZ*ONE CHU [Ep.1] 'Give A Snack At A Resting Place' Song Game
October 25PreviewIZ*ONE CHU [NEXTWEEK] IZ*ONE MT And 'COLOR*IZ Show-Con Behind'
October 25FULL EPISODEIZ*ONE CHU Episode 1
October 26PreviewIZ*ONE CHU [Ep.2] Twelve Girls Become One MT! And Show-Con Behind
October 26TeaserIZ*ONE CHU 10/29 (Mon) At 8 PM! IZ*ONE 'COLOR*IZ' SHOW-CON Live Broadcast!
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