IZ*ONE currently does not have any official permanent sub units, but instead smaller groups used to promote/perform certain songs. This page is used as a guide to outline those units.


(Underline indicates musical releases, Italic indicates concerts/live events)

Release/Event Unit Song Wonyoung Sakura Yuri Yena Yujin Nako Eunbi Hyewon Hitomi Chaewon Minju Chaeyeon # of members
Suki to Iwasetai (2018) Gokigen Sayonara 7
Neko ni Naritai 5
Dance wo Omoidasu Made 2
Buenos Aires (2019) Target 6
Toshishita Boyfriend 6
Human Love 2
Vampire (2019) Love Bubble 6
Shigaisen Nanka Buttobase 6
Fukigen Lucy 2
Twelve (2020) Yummy Summer 4
Dousurebaii? 4
Shy boy 4
IZ*ONE COLOR*IZ Debut Showcon (2018) Rumor 5
1000% 7
IZ*ONE Japan Debut Showcase (2019) See You Again 5
I AM 7
Eyes on Me (2019) 7
Rollin' Rollin' 5
So Curious 6
Ayayaya 6
Oneiric Theatre (2020) Catallena 3
Coming of Age Ceremony 4
Monster 2
Gangsta 3
ONE, THE STORY (2021) Señorita 2
Full Moon 3
Adrenaline 3
Roly-Poly 4
33rd Golden Disc Awards (2019) Mirotic 5
Happiness 7
Collaborations (with other artists) Hitsuzensei (as a part of IZ4648 with AKB48SKE48, HKT48, Nogizaka46 and Keyakizaka46) 6
Rise (with Jonas Blue) 6
Miscellaneous (Special TV appearances, KCON, etc.)

Love Will Show You Everything (KCON LA 2019)

Go Go Summer! (UTACON) 4
Mister (UTAGE) 4
Release/Event Unit Song Wonyoung Sakura Yuri Yena Yujin Nako Eunbi Hyewon Hitomi Chaewon Minju Chaeyeon # of members


  • IZ*ONE currently has a total of 32 unique units.
    • There are 37 songs listed on this page. However, 5 of these songs used units that have been used before.
  • The following units have been repeated:
  • Currently, the largest units are SO CURIOUS (BLOOM*IZ) and AYAYAYA (BLOOM*IZ), each with 9 members.
    • Coincidentally, Yuri, Yujin, Nako, Chaewon, Minju and Chaeyeon are part of both of these units.
      • Furthermore, none of the mentioned members are a part of the DREAMLIKE unit (also on the BLOOM*IZ album, likely done to balance out the number of units each member was a part of).
    • These units were originally 6 membered-units for Eyes on Me, however, 3 additional members were added to each unit for BLOOM*IZ, making these units 9-membered.
    • Technically, Hitsuzensei has the largest unit overall with 24 members. However, of these 24 members, 6 of them were IZ*ONE members, while the other 18 members are members of AKB48SKE48, HKT48, Nogizaka46 and Keyakizaka46.
  • Gokigen Sayonara and Neko ni Naritai are 7-membered and 5-membered unit groups on their 1st Japanese single Suki to Iwasetai. However, they were re-released in Korean on their 2nd Korean mini album HEART*IZ as 12-membered group songs.
  • Rumor was performed by a unit only for the COLOR*IZ Debut Showcon, however, they have since performed the song as a 12-membered full group song.
  • Currently, the smallest units are Dance wo Omoidasu MadeHuman LoveFukigen Lucy,  Love Will Show You Everything and Monster each with 2 members.
  • Members by number of unit songs included in:
    • 17 songs - Sakura, Yuri
    • 15 songs - Wonyoung, Yena, Nako, Chaewon
    • 14 songs - Yujin, Eunbi, Hitomi, Minju, Chaeyeon
    • 12 songs - Hyewon
    • Hyewon is the only member who hasn't participated in a unit song outside of regular IZ*ONE promotions (musical releases, concerts, showcases).
      • Hyewon, alongside Yena, Yujin and Chaeyeon are the only members who haven't participated in a unit song outside of regular IZ*ONE Japanese promotions.
  • BLOOM*IZ currently has the most number of units, having 6 units.
    • BLOOM*IZ also has each member participate in 3 units, the most of any release/performance.
  • While units have been included in all of their Japanese releases, BLOOM*IZ is currently the only Korean release to include units.
  • COLOR*IZ , HEART*IZ and Oneiric Diary are IZ*ONE's only releases to date to not include units.
  • Excluding To Reach You (covered by the full group), all of the songs on the 30 Girls 6 Concepts EP have been performed by an IZ*ONE unit at one point.
    • Interestingly, Rollin' Rollin' and 1000% weren't performed by IZ*ONE members who originally performed the song on Produce 48.
      • Wonyoung and Hitomi aren't in the Rollin' Rollin' unit, and Minju and Chaeyeon aren't in the 1000% unit, despite them being the original performers of the songs.
    • Chaeyeon, who was booted from her initial song on this EP (I AM) was able to perform this song as an IZ*ONE member in a unit.