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Hello! I am content moderator and discussions moderator, for this wiki .  Here i patrol discussions, mostly the wiki, delete, rename, or re-upload things if needed.

Surprised from my short break? Me too. But for me, two weeks off IZ*ONE Wiki seems like an eternity! There's a bunch of things to do, since as i'm writing this nobody is really active. No offence to the admins though! They may be busy with other things.

I can't wait to get back to work, see you on the editing pages! Learn more about which wikis i frequent the most in my user Navbox below.

Milago choi
Wikis that i'm an Admin/Mod
IZ*ONE Wiki (Content Mod) • PURPLE K!SS Wiki (Admin and Mod)
Wikis that i'm a user
K-POP WikiGFriend WikiWeeekly WikiTwice WikiBLACKPINK WikiMAMAMOO Wiki
And pretty much any wiki where you saw me somehow active.

I hope this helped you know where i go edit/write! Spend a great day mate.

Just my fav's
  • Bias? Yena !
  • Song that made me stan? La Vie en Rose! (Life in Pink)
  • My favourite M/V until this day? Panorama!
  • Why i joined? Well my first edit was when i did not have an account. So i was just adding Yena's Fancams but if i wanted to place a video i needed to have an account... So yeah that's how i ended up here.
My "To do" list

- Try to complete some members fancams! The Maknae Line is definitively something to work on.They are missing sooo many fancams, and since winter break is coming, i can go and take more time to focus on adding those tiny details to those pages.

About me!

So just some things that absolutely nobody asked for but um... Here you go either way!

Fact 1:

How many languages can i speak? 3! Spanish, i just need the keyboard for this, english, i'm fluent at it, you might see some grammar errors from time to time, and french! I am also fluent at it.

Fact 2:

Is this my first time here? No! Not at all! Well actually i i don't know where i found this wiki, but i'm so grateful for it. I was editing a bit after my rushed member learning phase before their comeback! And right now i am reaaaally learning quite a lot on how to edit! Well of course by myself, that sucks.. Anyways! You may have seen a day or two before the comeback for Oneiric Diary, i have wrote a little description i found on an album page, because i wanted to put something before the big official description arrived. It just looked so lonely to me! So how am i learning all those cool editing? Well actually it's also by editing... Lol

Fact 3:

What streaming services/platforms do i use? For all video streaming related platforms, here is what i use! Youtube (without an account because i don't want to have one), Kshow123 (for shows with no english subs or some episodes that are difficult to find!)  And official artist's sites because you know, why not! It's official there, no? For all music related platforms i use, here! Spotify (premium because i want to flex ^.^),  a little bit of Itunes here and there, mostly because i have nothing to do and i want to here snippets of my favourite songs, and sometimes if i feel like it go listen to SBS's site.

And that is all about me!

My favourite Spotify playlists for IZ*ONE

1-This is IZ*ONE

2-Their radio, witch is a playlist that puts random IZ*ONE songs and other similar artist's songs!

3-  A playlist i just found recently, where somebody put every song they performed on Produce 48, plus their debut mini album COLOR*IZ!

4-And my last one is just a simple one! Yes it is kinda of like the first one, but this one contains their Produce 48 songs! When i have time, you will probably find me listening to this!

Well that's all for now! A new header is coming soon to your way!

Other groups i stan

Here are some other groups i stan! And by stan i mostly mean by i enjoy their music, and i know at least one member. So here you go! A list of groups i stan, apart from IZ*ONE.


  • Itzy|Bias: Yuna|Favourite song from them: That's a no no
  • Mamamoo|Bias: Solar|Favourite song from them: Aya
  • Blackpink|Bias: Jisoo|Favourite song from them: See u later
  • Dreamcatcher|Bias: SuA (or is it Sua? I don't know)|Favourite song from them: Tension
  • Loona|Bias: Chuu|Favourite song from them: Why Not?
  • Red Velvet|Bias: Yeri|Favourite song from them: Naughty/Monster
  • Twice|Bias: Momo|Favourite song from them: Touchdown
  • Everglow|Bias: Mia|Favourite song from them: Hush
  • I.O.I|Bias: Yoojung|Favourite song from them: Very Very Very
  • (G)I-dle|Bias: Yuqi|Favourite song from them: Uh-Oh
  • Weeekly|Bias: Jiyoon|Favourite song from them: Weeekly
  • GFRIEND|Bias: Yuju|Favourite song from them: Mago/Fever
  • aespa|Bias: Winter|Favourite song from them: Black Mamba
  • STAYC|Bias: Sieun|Favourite song from them: So Bad
  • Apink|Bias: Naeun|Favourite song from them: %%(Eung Eung)
  • Weki Meki|Bias: Yoojung|Favourite song from them: Cool

  • NiziU  Bias: Mayuka  Favourite song from them: Over the rainbow 

  • My Bias is

    My Favorite Song is

    My Favorite Album is
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    My Favourite Pairing is
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    I am a
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    I love
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