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About me

I'm xAgustinx but you can call me Agus
  I am an admin of this wiki, my main job is to make the Color coded lyrics, add information to pages and upload photos/videos to pages/galleries.
  If you have any doubts or need help you can ask me anything you want, but I'm still very new at this and maybe I can't answer all your questions, in that case I recommend you to ask the other administrators.
  Birbfriend and Tsukihibiki

My Bias is
My Favorite Song is
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I love
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Things to do
  • Complete the galleries for the BLOOM*IZ Performances pages
  • Add pictorial to member's galleries
  • Add SNS to member's galleries
  • Complete the "Project Life in Pink" section on the WIZ*ONE page.
  • Add interviews to members' pages.
  • Improve the members' pages.
  • Add credits to BLOOM*IZ songs.
  • Create individual pages for all episodes of ARCADE and ARCADE Ⅱ.
  • Add summaries to ARCADE and ARCADE Ⅱ pages.
  • Do the same as mentioned above but with ENOZI Cam (I'm not sure yet).
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