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  • I live in in your kokoro
  • I was born on January 11
  • I am Female
  • Tsukihibiki

    Alright, I have no intention if attacking anyone based on the title, so don’t worry! xD Anyways, I, even I can’t believe, had just finished recording a cover! Ahhh, you know that feeling when you’re really reluctant but like, I WANT to do it too? So, I made a vocal cover of Suki to Iwasetai’s coupling, Dance wo Omoidasu Made! This is the first time I’ve ever mixed audio with a software, so I tried a little something in it (if you find what it is, do hit me up!), so the audio is probably not the best quality. Enough babbling, here’s the link to it: Dance wo Omoidasu Made

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  • Tsukihibiki

    Like I said on my last blog post (which was ANCIENT), I’ll share an English version of the song with the highest vote, which was Buenos Aires! Here it is:

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  • Tsukihibiki


    November 1, 2019 by Tsukihibiki

    Heyaa!!! Hibiki here~

    It's my first blog post and I'd like to share my projects related to of course, IZ*ONE!! I'm making English covers (just the lyrics xD) of IZ*ONE songs~ I wonder if y'all wouldlike to see it? If yes, then which song would you like to be first:

    The most voted song will be put up on my next blog post! Thank you!

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