WIZ*ONE (위즈원/Wijeuwon) is the official fandom name for IZ*ONE, a South Korean girl group

Founding and EtymologyEdit

The name was announced on October 29, 2018 during their first Show-con, the same day of their debut [1]

Wiz is short for Wizard united with the official name of the group.
Yujin explains: "The name means that our fans who love us are creating a magical future together with us"


  • WIZ, which stands for genius or wizard, represents the wizards who will support the magical future of IZ*ONE and also holds the meaning that IZ*ONE and the fans, or wizards, are one.


  • WIZ는 구재, 마법시라는 뜻으르, 앞으로 마법처럼 펼쳐질 아이즈 원의 앞날을 서포트하는 마법사들이자 아이즈원과 마법사들인 팬들은 하나라는 의미


  • WIZ*ONE : WIZはまた鬼才、魔法使いという意味でIZ*ONEの魔法のように繰り広げられる未来をサポートする魔法使い達であり、IZ*ONEと魔法使いであるWIZ*ONEは1つであるという意味を持っている.


  • WIZ有奇才,魔法师的含义,粉丝是守护IZ*ONE魔法般未来的魔法师,同时包含着IZ*ONE和魔法师粉丝是一体的寓意.


On February 5, 2019 the official logo of the fanclub was revealed [2] the logo contained all the colors of the members mixed. The logo is similar to the official IZ*ONE logo, except that on the "O" is a wizard's cap.

In addition, the image also contained a guide to the official colors of each member with their RGB code.


Official colorsEdit

Wonyoung color
Jang Wonyoung
Sakura color
Miyawaki Sakura
Yuri color
Jo Yuri
Yena color
Choi Yena
Yujin color
An Yujin
Nako color
Yabuki Nako
Eunbi color
Kwon Eunbi
Hyewon color
Kang Hyewon
Hitomi color
Honda Hitomi
Chaewon color
Kim Chaewon
Minju color
Kim Minju
Chaeyeon color
Lee Chaeyeon


1st RecruitmentEdit

On February 17, 2019, a video was published on the official IZ*ONE channel on Youtube [3], where the members of the group announced the 1st official recruitment of the WIZ*ONE fan club (date not yet specified), two weeks later, on March 17, 2019, the official IZ*ONE account on Facebook and Twitter [4] [5], published the registration dates for the 1st WIZ*ONE recruitment, through the Interpark Ticket website, joining the official fan club cost ₩ 25,000 (25,000 won) or $20 (20 dollars).

The period for joining was from March 20, 2019 to March 24, 2019

2nd RecruitmentEdit

On March 20, 2020, the IZ*ONE staff account posted 4 images[6] (In Korean, Chinese, English and Japanese) Where they announced the registration dates for the WIZ*ONE 2nd Recruitment


On March 21, 2019, through a photo teaser on IZ*ONE's social media [7], the official IZ*ONE Lightstick was officially announced.

On March 29, 2019, it was officially released, that same day a video was uploaded to Vlive [8] where the members of IZONE presented their Lightstick, how it looked, how it worked, and what it meant.

The lightstick contains 12 small balls, one for each member which also has their corresponding official colour. For a limited time you could buy accessories for the lightstick.



IZ*ONE 1st AnniversaryEdit

On October 29, 2019 IZ*ONE celebrated their 1st Anniversary (1 year since their debut). A photo of the members celebrating this anniversary was shared on the official Facebook and Twitter accounts. [9] [10]

IZONE 1st Anniversary


On addition, a poster was posted where members had handwritten messages to WIZ*ONE [11]

IZONE message
All credits for translations go to IZ*SUBS

WIZ*ONE~ It's Wonyoung! hehe
I'm writing this handwritten letter in celebration of IZ*ONE's 1st Anniversary.
We already spent a year together.
Someone please stop time ㅠㅠ
I still clearly remember the first time we greeted with La Vie en Rose.
I think time went by so fast.
I hope every single moment that was spent with us, IZ*ONE
Was like a happy gift to WIZ*ONE hehe
When I see WIZ*ONE who always cheers and waits for us no matter where we are.
I feel like I gain strength that I didn't have.
It makes me want to see you all as soon as possible.
Let's continue to be happy, or even happier than right now.
Together, promise!

-From. Wonyoung

It's been a year already since we debuted!
I was surprised that the time flew by so fast.
Thinking about it again for this past year
We had a lot of memorable experiences
Meeting up with our IZ*ONE members and WIZ*ONE seems like destiny right?
That was in my mind
Let's double up the happiness and cut it in half the unhappy (things)
From now on, let's walk together forever.
You guys know that I love WIZ*ONE, right?
WIZ*ONE, I love you


WIZ*ONE! It's Jo Yuri!!
Does everyone know what today is?
 *Baro baro baro baro* IZ*ONE and WIZ*ONE's 1st Anniversary
Time flew by so fast didn't it ㅠㅜ?
I think it's more meaningful because it's been a year with WIZ*ONE ㅎㅎ
Thanks to WIZ*ONE, who are always looking out for me and support me
I was able to do my best for a year, merrily and harmoniously!
From now on, I'll show everyone only my best sides of me
Let's stay together for a long time WIZ*ONE!
I really love you all and thank you so much!!

-Sincerely, Jo Yuri-

WIZ*ONE~~ It's already been a years for us!!!
I used to think that 1 year is really long time
But why does it feel so fast when I spend it with WIZ*ONE?
I think it felt fast because that's how fun and happy the time we spent together was
There are many things that I'm thanful to WIZ*ONE.
So, I'm always grateful and thank you
In the future, we will love you a lot more that the love we receive ❤️
I love you~

-Yena who's a fool only for WIZ*ONE-

Hello WIZ*ONE! It's Yujin
It's already been year since IZ*ONE debuted hehe.
Honestly, although there are still a lot of things that we are still unused to, unskilled and awkward with
But still, I think that there were a lot of changes.
That happened to us within a year.
If I say it's growth, then it's growth, right? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
The fact that I have WIZ*ONE who always take an interest
In how I grown and support me, I just very thankful and grateful
I have so many happy memories from just within a year
I can't imagine how much more I'll have after this~
That's why, please be together with us in the future too.
You will right???? hehehehe!
Thanks you WIZ*ONE! I love you

-An Yujin-

A year has past since our debut!
This long time felt to short, it went by in a blink of an eye.
Thanks to WIZ*ONE's support, I was able to get through everything with confidence.
I'm really thankful and I will try my best to show a beautiful appearance to everyone!!
IZ*ONE has been receiving so much love from WIZ*ONE during the year.
A really happy year has passed.
We'll become an IZ*ONE who tries their best from now on.
Please love us a lot!!
I love you WIZ*ONE~


❤️ WIZ*ONE 1 IZ*ONE ❤️
It's been a year since we're together with WIZ*ONE.
We really received a lot of undeserving love...
IZONE is growing now!
Thank you for being with us 1 year, 365 days WIZ*ONE.
We'll give you more love-
I love you, our best gift


WIZ*ONE!! It's Hyewon
It's been a year since we met, time goes by fast.
Time sure does fly.
It had been a really fun and happy time to the point I didn't eve realize it's been a year.
Although I never express this as much as I felt it
You know i'm really really thankful and I always of you, right?
I think IZ*ONE is this happy and able to get to this poinght because there's WIZ*ONE!!
Let's get along like this for a long t ime
Thank you for waiting for us I love you~~


It's been a year since we debuted
Time really flew by so fast...
I think that for this past year
I could have a lot of good experiences and I was able to growth as well
Even though it was difficult at some times
But thanks to everyone who had cheered for me I was able to be here
Thank you for your continous support
Fron now on, I will try harder to show everyone a much better side of Hitomi!!
WIZ*ONE, I love you


WIZ*ONE!! It still feel as if we only debuted yesterday
But it's already out first anniversary now.
Time really goes go by quickly
There were a lot of moments where I felt so happy and thrilled during the year I spend with WIZ*ONE that it's hard to just talk about one ㅎㅎ
After meeting IZ*ONE and WIZ*ONE, or feels like I've grown a lot and changed into an even better person by experiencing feelings new and emotions.
Thank you for making me able to imporve memories.
Let's make some good memories in the future too!!
I love you WIZ*ONE!!


Hi, WIZ*ONE!! It's Minju :)
I can't believe it's already our first year anniversary!
I feels like the passes even quicker because I'm happy when speding time with WIZ*ONE and IZ*ONE members.
It's a bit of a shame, buy every moment is meaningful and precious just by being with everyone!
I hope our WIZ*ONE and members will be happy and healthy.
There's nothing more I can ask than that!
When we're together, let's always be happy in the future too!
I love you

-WIZ*ONE's Minju ❤️-

Thank you for congratulating on our first year anniversary
The time we passed together may had went by really quickly
But it was just a fun and happy time?
So I'm looking even more forward to the future too~
I like you so much WIZ*ONE!
Know that promise
I'll make you smile a lot!
I'll seal it too... love!

-Sincerely, Chaeyeon-

Project Life in PinkEdit

This project has nothing to do with IZ*ONE it is a voluntary project organized by International WIZ*NE Union on Twitter and all the information mentioned below belongs entirely to them.

As part of IZ*ONE's 1st anniversary celebration, the "International WIZ*ONE Union" Twitter account [12] decided to organize a project where WIZ*ONE could donate to a non-profit organization called 60 Million Girls.

For those who donate for IZ*ONE's first debut project "Like in Pink", we will collect messages from you and make a fan book for IZ*ONE members! The messages will be translated to Korean and Japanese, and the produced fan book will be delivered to IZ*ONE.

About 60 Million GirlsEdit

60 millions girls logo

60 Million Girls is an organization dedicated to girls' education in developing countries by working with local partners in various ways such as providing rights-based education, school supplies, sanitary feminine products as well as training and supporting more educators for schools.

A lot of out-of-school girls are at the age of younger IZ*ONE members. We believe that with help of international WIZ*ONE's and in the name of IZ*ONE, we can support these girls to get education nad knowledge to protect themselves and go towards a better future and reach their dreams as IZ*ONE did.

Please join us to color the life of the girls in the world with pink!

*Work In Progress*


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